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Pirotecnia Minhota is the name of a century-old company that has largely
contributed either to the implementation and evolution of fireworks, as to
the validation and recognition of the Portuguese pyrotechnical exponents,
both as national and international level.

The rot of this company lays in the sound name of the precursor of national
fireworks “Gomes da Costa”, whose models of production and creation captivated
the development of the Portuguese fireworks’ panorama. This origin
and all its knowledge and experience of production, creation, quality and
design are sited in Ponte de Lima, the headquarters of Pirotecnia Minhota.
It is the base for development and research, blended with all possible security
matters of the new future of fire.

The steady line of a dynamic development, artistically brave and spirited,
have granted Pirotecnia Minhota as the most awarded Portuguese enterprise,
thus representing worthily the name of Portugal’s fireworks in several prestigious
festivals and international competitions.

In addition, Pirotecnia Minhota shows are worldly acknowledged, harvesting
positive critics among the major fireworks companies of the world, honourable
mentions and even the award of first prize-winning enterprise. Such performance
on the fireworks market is based on the originality and certificated quality, 
according to the norm NP/ISO 9002, of the fireworks items produced by
Pirotecnia Minhota, serving as an asset for other national and even international
companies, to whom over 40% of Pirotecnia Minhota’s production is designed for.

The innovation of pyromusical and pyrodigital displays developed by Pirotecnia
Minhota, improved by new firing techniques, perfected supporting and launching
systems, are allied to the supreme value of the company’s pyrotechnical
This challenging combination allows the conception of fireworks performances
of great magnitude with an artistic design of avant-garde and of large

The labour philosophy of a young dynamic team taints all output of Pirotecnia
Minhota, whose pillars stand on the solid ground of a wise secular experience.
Its dedication to creativity, originality and development has the motto to
lead the images of the collective oneiric to the horizons of dreams…all over
 the world!

Pirotecnia Minhota has implemented a Quality Management System based on the Norm NP ISO 9001:2000, in the ambit of conception, development, production and commercialisation of fireworks products, traditional fireworks, pyromusical shows and multimedia. Set up and display of shows.
It is the sole Portuguese fireworks company with such a vast ambit of Quality



Tel./Fax: +351 258 948 476
Mobile: +351 961 318 796
Mobile: +351 960 057 559

Rua da Pedreira, 205
4990-746 Ponte de Lima

Monday to Friday:
9h00 – 12h30
14h00 – 18h30

Pirotecnia Minhota, Lda.
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